What is the Law of Attraction?

The short answer to “What is the Law of Attraction” is: to bring into the physical reality what it is we truly desire.

For example, when you’re a small child you know you want to manifest the ability first to crawl, and then to walk. You’re watching others around you do this. So after a few months, through your thoughts and your desires, you manifest the ability to crawl. After a while, you also manifest the desire to walk, and then you take your first steps. That’s all it is!

The Law of Attraction is more innate, instinctual, or just ingrained in us as children. And then when we get older, we kind of lose the ability to consciously control our thoughts.

Does it really work?

I have personally used the Law of Attraction to create the life of my dreams – so YES, it DOES work!

We can relearn this ability to harness the power of our subconscious, by focusing on what we desire by using our conscious thoughts, then linking a powerful emotion or desire to that thought. Then we bring that into the physical reality. I do this with my Law of Attraction Online Course called The Creation Frequency, and in my book The Creation Frequency.

Not Just the Power of Thinking; the Power of Directed Thinking

If I were to show you a picture of a huge ocean liner, the captain is 20 stories up in the air with the steering wheel and the controls. Everybody thinks that he’s driving the boat; that’s where the power comes from. But if I lift the boat out of the water, ¬†with the engine these massive engines beneath the sea, that is where the power is driving that huge ship through the ocean. It’s just like the subconscious mind, and the power is we really want excel in life. We need to activate the subconscious mind because it has all the answers, and all the things that are going to help us create what we truly desire.

Another example of manifesting is the iPhone that I use everyday. The iPhone started as the desire of Steve Jobs (or somebody at Apple) to create this product. They used the power of their mind to create a plan. After having this design, they used their thoughts to start enacting this plan. Then, the iPhone comes into the physical reality.

The Law of Attraction method is just training your subconscious to create new outcomes that align more with the life you desire. I learned this method over 30 years ago, and that is why I wrote The Creation Frequency and created the Online Course to spread my knowledge about how to maximize the Law of Attraction to manifest your best reality.

As always, you can look at my blog if you need more Law of Attraction Tips and Reminders!