Dreaming vs. Living the Life of Your Dreams

You only get one shot at life. If you simply spend it dreaming of the life you wish you had, you’ll get to the end and have regrets. 

You also might never experience what it means to be truly happy. To live the life you’ve always dreamed of, you need to become disciplined to create a true vision of what life looks like once you’ve accomplished your dreams and start envisioning that reality.

You can live the life of your dreams, but it means removing all limitations from your thinking and seeing your full potential. We’ll explain the difference between dreaming and living the life of your dreams and how to shift your mindset to start accomplishing your dreams.

What’s the Difference Between Dreaming and Living the Life of Your Dreams?

Dreamers can see a world where they live their best life. But they fail to take the necessary steps to accomplish those dreams.

Individuals who live the life you dream of know the power of the universe and how to use it to accomplish what they’ve always wanted. It doesn’t matter if your dream is a career change, new house, financial accomplishments, improved relationships or status in life, you can start living the life of your dreams once you start changing the way you dream.

Creating a clear path to your end goal, meditating on it and actively working toward it is essential. But the harder part is eliminating any negative thoughts, societal norms or self-doubt along the way. These can lead to issues with regularly envisioning the life of your dreams and attracting those outcomes.


What Is the Effect of Dreams in Real Life?

Dreams are not a bad thing. They can motivate you and help you focus on the life you want to have. The key is in going from dreaming to living those dreams.

The effect of dreams in real life is that they can help you create a plan and a vision for the future to manifest those dreams in your life.

You must go from simply dreaming to creating the life you want through discipline and focus on your vision for your life. Dreams can become your meditations and the end goal you focus on to engage the laws of attraction.  

How to Go from Dreaming to Living the Life of Your Dreams

Tapping into the power of the universe to begin living the life of your dreams is not something you can do overnight. It takes careful study, discipline and daily work. 

Here are some of the steps involved but realize that you need to understand the laws of attraction and how they impact your ability to tap into the power of the universe.

1. Eliminate Limitations

One problem that often holds people back from living the life of their dreams is that they calculate their limitations. For example, if I was working on creating the life of my dreams and a career change, I wouldn’t want to focus on the skills I lack for that new job.

By focusing on what’s holding me back, I’m sending the wrong vibrations and basically telling the universe that I have limitations from living my dreams, therefore I cannot live my dreams.

You have to shift your mindset to viewing your dreams as possibilities. Envision all that you can be and remove limitations from your mindset. 

2. Never Consider Societal Norms

Society might try to tell you that reaching your dreams will take years instead of months. Or that people like you don’t accomplish what you’re dreaming of.

As you focus on your dreams to take advantage of the law of attraction, you’ll be surrounded by naysayers. If you fall for what they tell you, you’ll return to being a dreamer instead of living the life of your dreams.

You must become disciplined to focus on believing that you can achieve your goals.

3. Be Present and Mindful of How You Spend Your Time

There are so many ways to waste time in today’s culture. From excessive screen time to meaningless gossip, mindfulness doesn’t make it to the top of many people’s to-do lists.

But being present in your meditations and focusing on your goals will help you accomplish your dreams. If you’re constantly distracted or looking for ways to be distracted, you’ll struggle to keep your eyes on the prize, which can lead to attracting the wrong things in your life.

Smartphones are one of the leading culprits of allowing our minds to wander. But when used appropriately, they can also be a leading way of creating the life of our dreams. When used as a tool in meditation and mindfulness, they can aid in manifesting the life of our dreams. The key is in finding the right balance and viewing these devices as tools to living the life of our dreams. 

4. Be Picky About Who You Spend Time With

Negative people and those who do not believe you can accomplish your dreams will impact your ability to focus on those dreams and make them a reality.

Choose the people you spend your time with carefully. Work to eliminate bad influences or individuals who might allow your self-doubt to creep back in. You must keep your mind clear and believe that you can accomplish your dreams to engage the laws of attraction.

5. Learn the Laws of Attraction and the Vibrations of the Universe

Even once you take the steps listed above, you can’t start living the life of your dreams until you truly understand the laws of attraction and how the vibrations you emit align with those of the universe.

You’ll need to study diligently to fully grasp these concepts to make these steps count for you. While the concepts are not complicated, they don’t necessarily align with what you’ve learned in school about how to be successful or what your friends and mentors tell you about manifesting your dreams.

When you learn the laws of attraction and the vibrations of the universe, you’ll have the power to improve six key areas of your life:

  1. Career and vocation
  2. Family and relations
  3. Service and contribution
  4. Physical health and wellbeing
  5. Personal and spiritual development
  6. Money and material possessions

These aspects of your life work together to aid you in living the life of your dreams. Most people don’t dream of being millionaires with no one to share it with and failing health that makes it challenging to enjoy. That’s why you need to truly understand how everything comes together to communicate to the universe the life of your dreams.


Are You Living the Life of Your Dreams?

Pause for a moment and honestly assess where you’re at in life. Is this what you’ve always wanted, or is it a small bump along the way to fulfilling everything you’ve always dreamed of?

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