Is The Law of Attraction Real? Science Behind Law of Attraction

Is the law of attraction real? Science and researchers say yes, and the anecdotal evidence of people’s abilities to impact their outcomes also shows that the law of attraction works.

The law of attraction is the belief that each person has the ability to bring about outcomes and events that we focus on. Using the power of our minds, we can materialize that which we regularly visualize to manifest our greatest dreams and goals.

What you focus your mind on can attract the universe into that outcome becoming a reality. In contrast, focusing on negativity or fearing possible outcomes that do not favor your dreams can manifest those realities, which is why the state of your mind is so important to your future.

The law of attraction is something that scientists have studied for many years. We’ll explain the science behind law of attraction theories and demonstrate the importance of the right mindset when working to achieve your goals.


How the Law of Attraction Works

Whether you’re consciously doing it or not, your mind sends out thoughts and emotions that serve as a magnet to attract those outcomes. But if you’re blind to the potential you have through the law of attraction, you can leave these thoughts and emotions unchecked, leading to poor outcomes.  

Using the law of attraction takes discipline and practice. The ability to focus on your goals is an essential element. And the more disciplined you are with your thoughts and emotions, the more likely you’ll be to achieve those goals. 

The law of attraction works when you create clear pictures in your mind of the life you intend to have. Of course, you still have to take action toward those goals, but the first step is envisioning the future you want clearly. 

If you don’t like your current circumstances, start envisioning the future. The law of attraction is simple in theory, but challenging in practice because you need to clearly outline what you want to attract that outcome to your life.

Creating these visuals can mean writing down exactly what you want and a perfect scenario of how you get there. Then you can record that vision and play it over and over again in your mind. Whether you’re aiming to increase your wealth, improve relationships or achieve greater mental and physical wellness, the law of attraction can get you there.

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How Does the Law of Attraction Work Scientifically?

Now you understand the foundation of how to use the law of attraction. But what’s happening scientifically that is helping manifest your goals into reality?

Law of attraction scientific research supports the theory that our minds and emotions can help us achieve what we want. Quantum physicists have studied this phenomenon for centuries. What they’ve found is that there is law of attraction scientific evidence. 

Max Planck is a quantum physicist and Nobel Prize winner. He said: “All matter originates and exists only by virtue of a force, which brings the particles of an atom to vibration and holds this most minute solar system of the atom together. … We must assume behind this force the existence of a conscious and intelligent Mind. This Mind is the matrix of all matter.”

Our minds can influence matter to bring about the outcome we want. Planck also said, “I regard matter as derived from consciousness.”

The fact that the mind can influence outcomes is one of the reasons why prayer works so well. It’s a powerful and relatable way of focusing on the outcomes we want and repeating them until they become reality. Scientific research found that prayer is a special form of meditation that can aid a person in achieving what they want. And when we share those prayers with others, they also envision that end goal thereby further attracting it to the individual.

Korean researchers evaluated how positive thinking and satisfaction with a person’s life could impact their outcomes. The study found that, while age, education, occupation and family income impacted life satisfaction, positive thinking was a significant determinant of how satisfied a person was with their status in life. And that positive thinking led to better wellbeing.

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Experience the Law of Attraction for Yourself

To experience the power of the law of attraction for yourself, you need to take several important steps to begin manifesting your dreams. While it might sound simple to just start thinking about what you want, the process is slightly more complicated than that because you need to set your mind up for the ability to focus on your end goals.

1. Create a Healthy Sleep Routine

Sleep revitalizes your mind and helps clear your brain cells to prepare for the day ahead. Too much clutter in your mind can take away from your ability to focus on your goals. Then self-doubt can creep in, which can impact what you’re attracting into your life.

2. Practice Gratitude

Small setbacks or disappointing circumstances can derail your ability to manifest your goals. Focusing on gratitude instead of the areas of disappointment in your life will help you remain positive about your life, which can help you transform your ideas into reality.  

3. Build Oxytocin in Your Brain

Oxytocin helps create peace in your brain, which will heighten your ability to focus on your goals. Some ways to build that oxytocin are through exercise or movement, hugging another person, listening to music, meditation or engaging in your favorite hobbies.

4. Break Down Your Goals into Achievable and Measurable Sections

Clear goals will help you envision the end result, which will engage the law of attraction. If you can break down that goal into smaller, measurable sections, you’ll be able to see progress toward that goal, which will further motivate you. Manifesting large goals can feel defeating without milestones along the way that tell you that you’re getting there. For example, if you want to pay off your debt to create a more stable financial future, you should start with smaller goals of paying off your debt in various milestones. 

5. Build a Clear Goal of What You Want

The clearer your vision is for your future, the easier it will be to manifest that vision. Making it vivid will help you meditate using that end goal to use the science behind the law of attraction to achieve your goal.

While this step-by-step might sound simple, engaging the law of attraction takes immense dedication and discipline. To begin your journey toward manifesting your goals through the power of the universe, explore The Creation Frequency online course or purchase The Creation Frequency book.