5 Greatest Law of Attraction Books To Turn Skeptics Into True Believers

A great way to learn more about the law of attraction is to read about it from books. Books provide a calm setting with the right frame of mind to study methods and learn more about yourself. 

While a law of attraction book is likely only the beginning of your personal journey toward improving every area of your life, it’s an excellent first step in going from skepticism to belief in the power of the universe. 

The best law of attraction books demonstrate the power of the universe with stories that illustrate how powerful this methodology can be. So if you’re skeptical, picking up one of these books can be exactly what you need to go from unbelief to belief.

5 Top Law of Attraction Books

If you’re just starting to hear about the law of attraction and aren’t on a fast track to engaging the power of the universe in your life, books are a great place to start. For more intensive training and fast results, consider taking an online course from a skilled mentor who will walk you through the exercises and practices to transform your life.

As you begin your exploration of the law of attraction, read these books to overcome your skepticism.

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1. The Creation Frequency by Mike Murphy

The Creation Frequency book is not your classic self-help page-turner. Instead, it offers a powerful seven-week course for living the life of your dreams. Not only will it make you a believer in the power of the universe, but it will also provide you with the tools you need to begin engaging the law of attraction in your life.

Learn from Mike Murphy how he went from being a broke alcoholic who had undergone a challenging divorce to being a successful businessman, loving husband and father, and passionate philanthropist thanks to the law of attraction. 

Mike uses his journey to demonstrate how real and powerful the law of attraction is. But he breaks it down into simple steps to help you begin living the life you’ve always dreamed of. Some books move too quickly to help you really master the art of living mindfully while manifesting your dreams. 

But Mike will provide the right pacing to help you raise your vibration to engage the power of the universe to attract the life you’ve always wanted. How can you be so sure Mike knows what he’s doing? Because he’s been where you are now and made an incredible transformation using the same techniques he will teach you through the best law of attraction book.

2. The Secret by Rhonda Byrne

The Secret is the modern book that brought greater attention to the law of attraction. The book was later made into a movie in 2006, which brought further awareness to the law of attraction. A 2020 film titled The Secret: Dare to Dream is a feel-good movie starring Katie Holmes and Josh Lucas.

While this is a good primer for why you should care about the law of attraction, it’s not a great practical way to start engaging the law of attraction. And in a sense, it’s been over-commercialized with the movies that it can almost make the method feel cheesy to some people. 

Nevertheless, the stories within this book can have a powerful impact on non-believers though. You’ll go from skepticism to wanting to learn more about the power of the universe after reading this easy-to-read explanation of the incredible force you didn’t realize was impacting your life.

If you’re looking for a more lighthearted way of beginning to see the power the universe can have, The Secret is a good place to start. Just don’t stop there in your education of the law of attraction. Consider enrolling in an online course or reading another book from this list.

3. The Universe Has Your Back by Gabrielle Bernstein

Challenging circumstances can lead some people to fear what’s coming next for them. That fear can breed more troubling circumstances as you attract what you’re thinking of and focusing on.  

Gabrielle’s book helps you go from a place of fear to a place of belief if you’re in a position where you really need to change your mindset before you can even start to believe in the power of the universe. You can use your current circumstances as a springing-off point to get from where you are now to where you want to be.

No matter the challenges you are facing now, this book is a good primer for manifesting the life you’ve always wanted. While it doesn’t provide step-by-step pragmatic approaches to engaging the law of attraction, it does offer the foundation for overcoming where you are at in life to getting to where you want to be and that’s a crucial first step you must take before you can truly experience the immense power of the universe. 

And if your life is so busy right now that you’re not sure how you can even get started in transforming your life with the law of attraction, you can get the audiobook where Gabrielle will read her wisdom directly to you. This will help you find the energy and attention to read additional books that will guide you in mastering the law of attraction.

4. Infinite Possibilities by Mike Dooley

Mike Dooley is a New York Times best-selling author. But he’s also a teacher and speaker who helps you learn how to live an abundant and happy life. His trilogy Notes from the Universe became a quick success and now Infinite Possibilities aids you in understanding how to transform your consciousness to make impactful changes in your life. 

The 304-page book is a great read for understanding more about the belief in the power of the universe and how to manifest your goals in life. You’ll learn how powerful you are to influence your life events and circumstances. While achieving your dreams takes great effort, it also takes the right mindset to manifest that reality.

5. The Power of Intention by Dr. Wayne Dyer

Dr. Wayne Dyer is a highly respected individual when it comes to the law of attraction. Living with great intention is one of the most important steps in building the life of your dreams.  

Hard work combined with careful intention is the key to living the life you’ve always dreamed of. Intention is not just something you do but about the energy that you send into the universe, telling it what you want. 

You’ll get a guide to living with intention to co-create the life you want. Learn how to live in harmony with the universe with several exercises and practical ways to employ the law of attraction in your life. 

The 272-page book is an excellent way to learn more about the law of attraction in the first half and then how to engage the law of attraction in the second half of the book.

Take the Next Step Toward the Life of Your Dreams

Some authors make the law of attraction out to be something that you do to get rich. That is not all that it’s about. You can transform every area of your life by learning the power of the universe. Go from despair, fear and disappointment to true fulfillment and enjoyment in every area of your life. 

Read The Creation Frequency law of attraction book for a practical guide to manifesting the life of your dreams, or take the online course for a clear step-by-step explanation of how to live the fulfilling life you’ve always wanted.