Law of Attraction When Everything Goes Wrong – Success Stories

Sadly, things often don’t go as planned. And when that happens, it can feel like everything is going wrong. And when things go wrong, people often feel helpless to change their circumstances. 

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by these challenges and wondering how you can turn things around, you’re in the right place. 

The law of attraction when everything goes wrong can be a big turning point and can have life-changing impacts if you study carefully and become disciplined to heighten your personal vibration to attract the power of the universe to the outcomes you desire.

You can go from a place of feeling like everything is hopeless, to enjoying the life of your dreams. Here are some success stories to showcase how others have gone from a place of overwhelm to fulfillment.

Law of Attraction Success Stories

Some people discover the power of the universe at a time of trial in their lives. Others discover it seeking financial wealth and realize its power in all aspects of their lives. 

We’ll showcase 3 amazing law of attraction stories that demonstrate just how powerful The Creation Frequency method can be.

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1. Mike Murphy – The Creation Frequency Author

Best-selling author Mike Murphy wasn’t always the great success that you see today. 30 years ago, Mike suffered from drug and alcohol addictions and had walked away from his wife and daughter. He had no money and no prospects in life. This was the lowest time in his life.

Then he met an incredible teacher that explained the power of the universe and the law of attraction. Through seven weeks of instruction from this man, Mike mastered the law of attraction and the method that he now teaches others called The Creation Frequency.  

Within no time, Mike had healed his relationships with his wife and daughter, found purpose in life, and became extremely successful as a car salesman and now a dealership owner. 

Mike has generated millions of dollars with various enterprises, but he’s also used his knowledge of the law of attraction to do good works and lead a healthy life. This also frees up some time for him to instruct others about how to engage the law of attraction and author books that will guide others in various aspects of their lives.

2. Wayne – The Creation Frequency User

Wayne had been through many law of attraction books and courses before starting The Creation Frequency online course. He was amazed at Mike’s story and the many situations he’d been through and applied the method to. 

After 30 days of study, Wayne could see the impacts of the method and looked forward to continuing his study for the full 7 weeks of the course.

He enjoyed The Creation Frequency because of how step-by-step the online course was and how impressive it was that Mike responded to questions along the way. Mike was more of a mentor than just an instructor. 

Hear from Wayne firsthand in this YouTube video testimonial.

3. Irvin – The Creation Frequency User

Irvin was looking for a clear way to achieve his dreams. When he found The Creation Frequency, he knew it would do good things for his life, but he was amazed at just how clear the course was and how much support there is.

The free Facebook Group allowed Irvin to discuss the law of attraction with others to learn from their successes and areas of improvement. Having others along with him for the journey was incredible. 

“This is one of the greatest tools I ever found in this space when it comes to creating the life that we want and finding resources that make it accessible and simple,” said Irvin.

To hear Irvin’s testimonial, watch this YouTube video testimonial.


How to Apply the Law of Attraction

Getting started with the law of attraction takes some time and careful study. It isn’t something you can master from reading one blog or completing a Google search. The Creation Frequency is a 7-week course that walks you through each step of the process to help you master the method and apply it to many areas of your life.

But we’ll give you an overview of how the law of attraction works. As you go about your life, your thoughts and emotions attract the universe to make those outcomes come to fruition. Without careful attention to the law of attraction, you might be thinking of the wrong things and bringing those things to fruition instead of what you really want. 

Instead of allowing your thoughts and emotions to wander, you are disciplined to focus these thoughts on the dreams you want to achieve. And if done right, you’ll start accomplishing your goals. 

But you can’t just think about success in general. You need to create clear details of what your end goal looks like. And then you’ll use these goals as meditations to envision this future that you want. 

While this sounds simple in theory, mastering the law of attraction is much more difficult in practice because it requires incredible discipline and dedication to living mindfully.  

You’ll need to write down your vision for the future with all the important details you want to experience. You’ll then create recordings of yourself reading off your vision state. Within your vision state, you might include dreams for financial achievements, relationship improvements and the overall health you’ve always wanted. 

The law of attraction applies to all aspects of your life, both big and small. But to make this all happen, you’ll need to be disciplined in all life’s facets, from creating a healthy sleep routine to increasing the oxytocin in your brain. Quiet meditations sessions where you focus only on your dreams will help you reach where you want to be.

How to Learn the Law of Attraction

So if you can’t learn the law of attraction in one afternoon, what is the best way to learn the law of attraction? There are many great books out there that explain what it is and all about the power of the universe. You might start with these books to understand what the law of attraction is.

But to learn the method of applying the power of the universe to your life, The Creation Frequency book is a more practical guide of the method for tapping into the law of attraction to transform your life and start living the life of your dreams. 

The book offers a practical 7-week guide for how to engage the power of the universe. It isn’t just about success stories from others but about realistic ways you can start making changes to your life. 

The Creation Frequency online course will help engage you in yet another way to learn more about the law of attraction and how to apply it. The online course offers an engaging way to start transforming your life. When you choose The Creation Frequency to guide you in learning the law of attraction, you also get free access to a Facebook Group where you can meet others on a similar journey as you and learn from their experiences as well.

Ready to get started? Don’t delay another day in beginning to live the life you’ve always wanted. Sign up for the online course now.