Your 3rd Mini-Course Video!

This video is about Rearranging the Molecules Of The Universe

I hope you enjoyed the 3rd video of the Creation Frequency Mini-Course and I’m excited to hear from you, so please leave me a comment at the bottom of this page. If you’re interested in learning more about how YOU can go about Rearranging the Molecules Of The Universe on behalf of YOUR dream, please explore joining us on the Creation Frequency Online Course below.

Interested in Rearranging the Molecules Of The Universe to Manifest Your Dream Come True Life?

Here is some of what you will learn in The Creation Frequency Online Course.

Once you have explored your intentions and desires, you need a way to speak them into reality –  transmitting them clearly into the Universe where atoms will rearrange themselves to manifest your dreamsThere is technology in The Creation Frequency online course that enables you to create your own personal Transmitter that will:

  • Support you in tuning into The Creation Frequency and turning your intentions into reality.

  • Tune into the frequencies of your emotionally powerful and clearly proclaimed intentions, in order to reprogram your subconscious mind to be more loving, powerful and more of who you truly are.

  • Align your subconscious mind and your heart to the frequency of your intentions. Combined with your heart and mind, energy is going out in waves into the universe and reorganizing the atoms of the universe to shift reality.

In reality The Creation Frequency is that simple. But like I said before it takes commitment and the application of effort to make it work for you.

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