7 Belief Systems That Do Not Serve You

The lies we tell ourselves, and what to say instead

Everyone gets anxious. We all have doubts. Sometimes, the negative feelings can be overwhelming, and prevent us from living our best life. Below are 7 Belief Systems that won’t serve you, and how to change your thinking to have a more positive outlook!

1. “Things will change on their own.”

This is the biggest lie that people tell themselves. If you keep doing the same thing and expect different results, you will be sorely disappointed. So many people know that they want change, but they’re not willing to change. So it just keeps suffering in their life. The apartment that you hate will continue to make you miserable if you do not fix the problems or move. Things don’t change unless you change, or you do something that caused things to change.

2. “I’m not good enough.”

Thoughts such as “I won’t get a second date; I’m too ugly” only make us feel bad. We can be so hard on ourselves that it robs us of our joy, and lowers our frequency of vibration. If you can’t seem to get to “I’m handsome/beautiful” yet, try to move forward with “I will start whitening my teeth before our second date” or “I will get that new haircut before our third date” instead!

3. “I’m not worthy.”

When you reach the point of believing you are “good enough,” you may still feel “unworthy” of the greatness of the universe. These feelings do nothing to uplift our existence or to fix issues. Dig into why you may feel this way; what skills or talents do you believe that you are lacking at work? What qualities do you think you lack as a partner? Now, work on them. Improve yourself, and find joy in the journey to becoming the best version of you.

4. “_____ won’t happen.”

Have you ever told yourself things like: “Even if I deserve it, good things don’t happen to me.” “My plane is going to be delayed; I know it!” “My dream house is too expensive or already sold!” We all have. So we get stuck, and start believing things about ourselves that aren’t true, or that we have no control over. We cause ourselves stress before we even get to the airport. That new house is off the market because we spent a week thinking it had too many offers already.  So what can we do? Let go of the things that we have no control over; the plane will be late if you stress or not. Also, take a chance on one-in-a-million opportunities!

5. “It’s too late for _______.”

Change career, have kids, go back to school, travel, learn a new skill. It isn’t too late for something new! Jeff Bezos didn’t start Amazon until he was 31 years old. Julia Child didn’t write her first cookbook until she was 50! Remember: the longer you wait; the later it will be in your life.

6. “I will never do ________.”

Just like the “too late” belief system above, this type of thinking just blocks us from seeing the endless possibilities of the universe. This is how we put ourselves in a self-imposed prison of limiting beliefs. Why do you feel that this will never happen? What steps can you take to change that? Free yourself from negative thinking and elevate your mind into a more positive vibration.

7. All or Nothing Thinking

“I didn’t exercise today so my routine is over.” Or, “I ate a piece of cake at the office and my diet is ruined, so I might as well have a whole pizza for dinner.:” If you are writing something down and misspell a word, you cross it out, correct it, and move on. That is the lesson you need to apply to the rest of your life. Things will not be 100% all of the time, so you need to learn to create balance. Maybe one day a week you can eat what you want, or skip the gym, or take a day off from schoolwork, and then you balance out the rest with hard work and self-control!