The Benevolent, Beneficent Universe…and You

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Have you ever asked yourself how you experience the universe? Do see the universe as generous, supportive and full of love? Or do you see the universe as lacking, against you and full of hardship? The answers to these questions are more important than you may realize.

This is because one some level, we are a product of our thoughts—the thoughts we thought yesterday, and the ones we will think in the next moment to come. Science has pretty much proven that we are creating all of what we experience around us as reality. The relatively new branch of science which studies this is called quantum physics. Quantum physics offers us a window into how the Universe works, at its most elementary, microscopic level. What is has shown is that nothing really exists until we pay attention to it, and what we pay attention to manifests for us as experience. However abstract and esoteric this sounds, it is actually profoundly relevant to you and me and our everyday lives. By understanding this fact about the nature of reality, you can change your reality.

All of this makes the question about how you see the universe crucially important to whether or not you are you living the life of your dreams. If you constantly think that you lack love, do not have enough wealth and that other people are against you, then these thoughts are at the very least contributing to those experiences actually happening to you. And many believe they are not only contributing to what happens to you, they are the source of what you experience in your daily life.

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I wrote The Creation Frequency to try to help others understand these simple truths taught to me so many years ago, and which I have used since then to create the life of my dreams. And so right now, ask yourself these questions: What’s missing in your life? What do you long for? What hopes or desires have you all but given up on, settling for being less than truly happy? Perhaps you yearn for love, or wish you had more freedom to do the things that matter to you. Perhaps you struggle to make ends meet and are suffering under the stress of financial hardship. Perhaps you crave more peace and balance in a life that’s too busy and driven by the demands of others. Perhaps you long for a deeper sense of meaning and purpose. Now that you have a glimpse into how the universe really works, maybe your answers, and your life, will change.

In the words of the Buddha,

What we are today comes from our thoughts of yesterday,

and our present thoughts build our life of tomorrow:

our life is the creation of our mind.

—The Buddha, from the Dhammapada