In this Holiday Season, It’s Good to Know That the Core Elements that Drive the Universe are Intention and Love

So what drives the Universe? What brings about all the experiences, people and stuff that make up our everyday lives? I’ve thought about that question a lot, and my books go into detail and describe my point of view.

Basically, there are two core elements that make up the Universe:

  1. Intention
  2. Love

Science has shown us as much already, at least when it comes to intention. The basis of modern physics is that the Observer in each human being brings about reality (and even physical matter) through their thoughts.

And what are thoughts when they are directed at something we want? They are intentions. This means that intention is simply the desire to create—that elemental drive that turns possibility into reality, whether it’s the new car you want or the life you are living. Intention is just another way of describing the creative power of consciousness, the energy that exists at the heart of life and keeps it growing and evolving and making more complex. And so I see this Universe as a fundamentally creative and intentional event. It doesn’t really matter whether you believe that creativity and intention come from God or from a process called evolution—either way, its power to generate novelty and beauty is spectacular. And it is inseparable from your own essential nature—you are both a product and an instrument of that creativity and intention. When you begin to tune in to who you are in this way, you become like a member of the cosmic orchestra—playing your unique part in harmony with the greater whole.

The second component of the Universe—love—is an equally powerful force. It is what channels the energy of intention in positive, creative directions. When I use the term “love,” I don’t mean the emotion you feel toward people you care about. I mean love in the sense of oneness, and that which we think of as God. The poet Dante described this type of love as, “the Love which moves the sun and the other stars.” I also see love as a cosmic force that is as fundamental to the workings of the Universe as intention and creativity. “The universe only pretends to be made of matter. Secretly, it is made of love,” author Daniel Pinchbeck recently wrote on Twitter.

Cosmologist Brian Swimme wrote a beautiful statement about this kind of love being a cosmic principle: “Love begins as allurement—as attraction. Think of the entire cosmos, all one hundred billion galaxies rushing through space: At this cosmic scale, the basic dynamism of the universe is the attraction each galaxy has for every other galaxy.” He goes on to suggest that what we call “gravity” is actually synonymous with love, in the cosmic sense: “Gravity is the word we use to point to this primary attraction, but no matter how intelligently we theorize about the consequences of this attraction, the actual attracting activity remains a mystery.”

These two components, when combined by humans as we live our lives, are the source of the Universe. They are why the Universe is expanding. They are why we seek to better ourselves and have children. So in this Holiday season, take comfort that all you need to do is intend, and love. That is enough to create wonderful worlds upon worlds for those you care about in your life.