Law of Attraction Tips

Trying to use the Law of Attraction to create the life that you desire? Whether you are new to manifesting or have been realizing your dreams since The Secret came out, here are some Law of Attraction tips to help the universe help you:

Put in the work. While conceptualizing and visualizing are good Law of Attraction tactics to let the Universe know what you desire, you still have to roll up your sleeves and get started. Picturing the exact garden you want in the corner of your backyard is a good way to organize your thoughts before running out and buying all of the plants – but you will still need to till the soil yourself!

Let the things you desire seek YOU! The Law of Attraction works by drawing energies to you. Do not waste all of your time looking for the things that you desire. Instead, express your gratitude for their arrival in your life; envision how it feels to have them, touch them, see them. What does your dream home smell like? What couch is in the living room? What is your view from the kitchen window? This will clarify aspects of your manifestation for you, and allow you to know when something you find is what you really want!

Break large processes into smaller, more achievable steps. This is good advice in any aspect of life, but especially when it comes to bigger milestones you want to reach with the Law of Attraction. If you decide you want to start embarking on a new career path, first start with things you can do TODAY. Make a list of people in your network that can help you. Tomorrow, update your LinkedIn. Next week, find online courses.

Train your brain. Your brain is a giant supercomputer, taking in a massive amount of information and sorting through it to deliver the most pertinent pieces. If you tell your brain that you are a failure, it will look for data that confirms that idea. So you need to re-write your brain’s “sorting program” by telling it what to look for with the Law of Attraction. If your brain focuses on positive opportunities, you will naturally find pathways to success.

Create balance. I always ask my Law of Attraction Online Course students to break their lives into six key areas; Career, Wealth, Family/Relationships, Health, Service/Contribution, and Spiritual Development. You may have the desire to become a billionaire, but the money will mean nothing if you have Heart Disease or only broken relationships with your family and friends. Maintaining a balance in these six spheres of your life will bring you more happiness than if you were to only have a large amount of growth in one.

Learn to let go. Sometimes, what you desire is NOT what is BEST for YOU. Law of Attraction works in mysterious ways. Maybe you are passed up for that promotion because there is an even better job out there. The universe is sending you signs all the time – you just have to be open enough to read them!

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