Living In Integrity: How to Be a Great Manifestor

With all of the books, CDs and talks around us about “How to Manifest”—especially after the New Year with all of the talk of New Year’s Resolutions—you’re probably thinking about how you might start better manifesting your deepest desires. Those tools are all great. But to me, there’s an important step that needs to happen first before anyone can really start intentionally manifesting the life of their dreams. Sadly to me, this is a step that I see most manifestation teachings skip over, which is why I believe so many of them fail to provide satisfying results for all of us who have tried them. This step is about bringing your life into alignment—which to means, making sure we are living with basic integrity.

If the word “integrity” reminds you of Sunday school or moralizing lectures from your parents or teachers, we can use another word. How about “congruency”? Of all the people on the planet, I’m not going to preach to you about how you should live your life. I’ve had my share of ups and downs. And as a result I have learned this: the Universe around us is very sensitive to congruency, to integrity, to being aligned from within. This is a critical piece of information for you to have if you want to be successful in manifesting your deepest desires. What is means, is that if you’re living in a way that is full of conflict or bad feelings toward others, if your loyalties are divided between conflicting priorities, if you’re trapped by unconscious fears or doubts that you don’t want to admit even to yourself, then I guarantee you, you’ll struggle to become a powerful manifestor . Usually this means that we’re neglecting to take care of our own bodies and souls—and that means we are pretty much sabotaging ourselves before we’ve even begun. So before you make “Become a Better Manifestor” your 2017 Resolution, here are some tips to find out whether you are in alignment with the Universe, which is the same as saying you are in alignment with yourself.

In a prior blog from October of last year, I talked about tuning yourself like members of an orchestra:

Have you ever sat in a concert hall, hearing orchestra tune up? After a few minutes, the musicians become silent, but the air seems to still be humming—vibrating. The same thing happens when you are going about your day-to-day business: you’re actually in the midst of vibration and energy. As chemistry professor Donald Hatch Andrews writes, “The universe is more like music than matter.” In the way that music is made up of vibrations calibrated to a certain frequency which becomes sound, you are made up of vibration calibrated to a certain frequency. In fact, everything in the universe—from Earth itself to the natural world to the objects around you—is made up of energy and vibrations. In the words of Nikola Tesla, “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”

And so to be a great manifestor this year, your thoughts, emotions, and actions need to be essentially attuned to one another for your life to make the beautiful music you dream of!