You Are a Porous, Vibrational Being Merged into a Vast Field of Vibrations

vibrational-fieldsWherever you are sitting right now, you are not solid, and neither is the chair you are sitting on or the book in your hands. These supposedly solid objects are literally dancing in a “field of possibility” and coagulating all around you. More than that, you are actually connected to everyone and everything around you. You may not be able to actually see those connections, but you can learn how to tune in to their vibrations and be able to connect with them more intentionally.

All of this is because every moment you’re surrounded by “vibrational fields”. Think of them like this: Imagine yourself moving in a web of invisible currents. What are those current? They are currents of information. For example, if you’re reading this using a tablet or e-reader, there are electromagnetic fields coming out of that device. This is pretty easy to for all of us to accept. But even if the book you’re holding is made from paper, it’s not as solid as it appears. This is because even it is made of energy, not solid matter. It’s vibrating, even if you can’t actually feel it. And if you say that you don’t believe in things you can’t see, then how does that cell phone you use every day work? It works because it’s downloading vast quantities of information out of thin air!

So how can we “tune it” to these vibrations that everything is made of? Well first it’s important to understand that you will probably never be able to hear these vibrations the way, for instance, you can hear the vibration of a violin string. This is simply because the frequency of the vibrations we are talking about is outside the range your ordinary human senses we have. The word, “frequency” just means the speed at which something vibrates. And then the range of frequencies creates the spectrum of sound that we call the musical scale. But remember the frequencies don’t stop there. The human ear is only capable of hearing frequencies from about 15 Hz to 20,000 Hz (Hz, or hertz, is the measurement used for the number of cycles of the repetitive wave form per second). But outside that range, there are all kinds of frequencies that aren’t detectable to humans. We all know that dogs hear sounds we can’t hear. But even beyond what dogs can hear, there are higher and lower frequencies that are undetectable to most people. The secret is that anyone can learn to tune in to them by practicing with your subtler sensory capacities.

penney-peircefreqcovspineThis is why Penney Peirce writes in her book Frequency, “I want you to feel and imagine yourself as a porous, vibrational being merged into a vast field of vibrations; we are not solid lumps on a rock of a planet, but a collection of energies penetrating and being penetrated by millions of other energies.”