Only Two Feet, but it Radically Changed my Entire Life, for the Better!

After over 50 years of trying, I have finally made the biggest move of my life, it was a short move, only two feet, but it radically changed my entire life, for the better!

Here’s where I moved to……….I once heard a speaker in a 12 step meeting tell the following story:

I woke up this morning and my leg hurt, I thought to myself it must be cancer, oh shoot, I’m going to lose my leg, if I lose my leg I can’t work, if I can’t work I will lose my car, and my job, then my house.

He goes on to say, I haven’t been awake for one minute and I’m already homeless and dying of cancer!

Does your mind work like this?

guiltyI know that mine does, my mind has a policeman that monitors everything I say, do and think, just looking for me to make a mistake, and when I do, here comes the prosecutor, who then convenes a grand jury of everyone who has an axe to grind with me, of course they convict me, then the judge sentences me and then the warden is there looking for more crimes while I serve my sentence. All day long the voice in my head judges everything non-stop and never shuts up!! Insane, I know!

I call it the committee of psychopaths!

So how did I escape this hell and turn my life into heaven, I moved two feet, that’s right, just two feet, the hardest most difficult journey us humans can ever take, from the head to the heart!

balancing the journey from the head to the heart

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In the head is where fear lives, and non-stop judgement, it is where the story of who we are lives, not the real us, but the story of what we have been told to believe about us, the ego, the false self, the home of fear and anxiety! The place where we need stuff constantly, stuff that can never fulfill us, the place of eternal longing and discontentment!

In the heart is love, our highest frequency, when we can move there we get clear on what our true desires are, why we are here and what are purpose is, when I can quiet the mind and feel from my heart the truth for my life reveals itself, and then I can use the mind as the tool it is designed for to fulfill my hearts desire!

You see, before my thoughts, my unquestioned thoughts and beliefs would cause a bad feeling in my heart, which would then cause some action on my part, like self-medicating myself, to alleviate the bad feeling, thus resulting in an unhappy life and destiny.

Now that I live in my heart, in love, the highest frequency, my intentions are fulfilled and the mind is the tool I use as opposed as the mind using me. Do you follow, I hope so.

heartBecause, I believe that everyone must eventually take this 2 foot journey, the shortest scariest journey in the world, because it goes against all of our programming and pre-conditioning, but we will all take this journey from a fear based life to a love based life, unfortunately many of us take this journey right before we take our last breathe, what a shame, we die with our lives purpose still in us.

I truly believe that once we make this move we realize that we are here simply to love and serve one another, and from this realization we are then compelled to take action to love and serve those less fortunate than us, and then we are blessed beyond are wildest imagination, this I believe is the Golden Rule, and the path to freedom!