We are Sound and Words are Seeds

Pronounce “I Feel” returns the lost unit as it travels through your skin, which is the most extensive organ that connects you and makes you sensitive to the lives of others, detaches you from the results and makes you a unit.
The sound “Forgiveness”, forgive me, echoes in your pancreas and in your colon unleashing bonds, releasing stories
And if you could see what mobilizes a “Thank you” you would smile next to all the cells of your body shaking your veins, turning your blood into light in that act detached.
“I LOVE YOU” is the most healing sound of the Universe … this phrase covers your body and travels through your lungs unmasking your breath … it traverses your kidneys transmuting the fears and makes millions of smiling cells giving you vitamins to the sad cells of your immune system, like someone born with the art of gardening, sowing soft, fresh, green turf around the more arid areas of your body.
If you could see what the words cause in you and in others, you would begin to observe your thoughts, your silences, your sounds and your noises because in this ocean of energy that we are, every wave you emit creates waves of different colors influencing the rest.
You are a fractal of the Universe!!!
Life is a miracle, live it with passion!!!
I love you, Please Forgive me, I’m sorry, Thank you.
Must be everyday words in our lexicon!!!