Why Do I Write Books?

mike-why-i-write-books-800x533I am often asked, Why do I write books?

My answer is simple, and for one reason and one reason only:  To touch people’s lives and inspire them to lead better lives.

It’s my way of giving back for all of the hundreds of authors who have blessed me with the privilege of reading their works and helped me to live a richer life.

As a wonderful synchronicity, I received this email this morning:

“Hi Mike,
I hope everything is going really good with your projects here in Colombia. I wanted to tell you that I am really fascinated with your books, I recently finished Love Unfiltered and found it amazing. I´ve been practicing all the exercises and really didn’t want it to finish. Right now I am reading  the creation frequency and it came to my life at a perfect timing. Hope to see you soon.
Mario “

And so this is why I write books.  Have a blessed day!

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