Your Body is The Temple of Your Spirit

After all of these blog articles, you’re probably well on your way to manifesting your life’s desires. But there are two more steps that must be taken first. They are steps that I feel many manifestation teachings skip over, which may be the reason so many of them fail to provide results for the people who try them. 

The first step is about nurturing and honoring your body—a vessel that I believe houses your essence or spirit.  To me, the more I take care of my trillions of cells, the more available I have become to live, love, and give. When I was not taking care of the needs of my body, my attention wasn’t free to even become aware of the needs of the other parts of my being—of my mind, my  heart, or my soul—let alone of the needs of others.  I have learned the hard way that you can be the most spiritual person ever to be born on this earth, but if your body is sick, tired, or overweight, you won’t be able to do anything more than sit on the couch.

And so are the basics that I’ve come up with to take care of the body.

1.      Give the body an alkaline diet, which means a diet that is primarily composed of living, organic, plant-based foods.

2.      Remember that your body is 60-65 percent water, and keep it replenished.

3.      It’s important to move! Tony Robbins says if you want to change your life, move your body! It creates energy.

Here’s a simple way to raise your frequency that is my personal favorite—get out and move in nature.   Run, walk, Hike or do whatever other activity you prefer. Leave your cell phone at home so it’s just you and nature. You’ll nourish your body and your spirit. Some people find it easiest to connect with their inner self when surrounded by a beautiful outer environment.  That’s certainly true for me.

I have found that taking walks in the wilderness or simply sitting quietly in a forest, by a lake, on a hilltop, or at a beach can create a powerful setting for journeying within and accessing my essential nature. Who would argue that Nature in its grandeur has a way of lifting us out of our limited self-definitions and quieting our chattering minds?  Nature helps us connect with the deeper forces that created all that beauty and created us as well. Even visiting a city park in the middle of your day, or taking a slow walk around your neighborhood in the evening, can help you focus on the natural sounds behind the human ones.  Try these simple tips and you will be ready for manifesting the life of your dreams before you can imagine!  And stay tuned for the next blog post where I reveal the second and last tip for getting the life you desire.