Why I Love Both Donald Trump & Hilary Clinton

american-flag-images-12Because at my purest level and truest essence love is what I am and love is all there is.
The rest is just a story.

I find it fascinating that there are friends and family that I deeply love that have completely different stories for each of these two people, I mean literally 180 degrees apart.
I wonder how that can be since at our highest level, in our hearts and souls we are all one.

For me it took immense suffering to move from my head (my story) to my heart, but once I did the world made perfect sense.
I can tell you the story of both Don and Hillary as well as anyone because I have studied them both, just like I have stories about me, both good and bad, as do they.

But as eternal souls we are the same, pure love, their stories might be beautiful and might be ugly, but like them, I have done beautiful things in my life and ugly things in my life, but my soul is pure love, so today I choose to be a loving soul.

The concept of America is far greater than any one person, if America is going to be destroyed it won’t be because of one person, it will be because half of us believed one story and the other half believed another story, forgetting that we are all one.

This is the only way America can lose its way and lose its soul.
The choice is ours, be divided or be united, divided we fall, United we stand.

May God Bless us and may God Bless the United States of America, and every other nation in the world so that there may be Peace on Earth!